How to Start a POS Business in Nigeria

POS Business

Investing in a POS business in Nigeria is worth considering because it is a highly profitable venture with great potential for growth. The increase in electronic transactions, coupled with the need for convenient payment methods, has made POS services more popular among Nigerians. Additionally, the low start-up costs and minimal operating expenses make it an attractive business option for entrepreneurs looking to start a business without significant capital.


POS business is a type of service that helps people do cash transactions without going to the bank. POS stands for “Point of Sale” and it means a machine that lets businesses accept payments from customers using debit or credit cards.

The POS business is getting popular in Nigeria because it’s easy for people who don’t have access to a bank or don’t want to carry cash. With this terminal, customers can pay for things with their ATM cards.

To start this business, you have to sign up with a bank and get a POS machine, you can as well get a terminal from other companies such as Monie Point, Opay, and others. Then you can offer services like cash withdrawals, deposits, and transfers to customers. You earn money by charging a fee for each transaction made through your POS machine. The POS business is a good way to provide financial services to people who may not have a bank nearby. You may read our beginner’s guide on How to invest in Cryptocurrencies


How to Start a POS Business in Nigeria

POS business in Nigeria can be a good way to make money, but it can also be tough because of competition, technical issues, security risks, and regulatory challenges. Starting this business in Nigeria can be a profitable venture, given the increasing popularity of cashless transactions.

Once you have decided to invest in a POS business, here is a step-by-step guide on how to start a POS business in Nigeria.


Conduct market research

Before starting a POS business, conduct market research to determine the potential demand for your services in your location. When most people hear Market research, it sound as though it’s met for big businesses but it’s not, Market research is just a fancy word to describe you ‘going to make inquiries’ to know if the area you wish to open the POS business is good enough. You can also check out existing POS businesses in the area to assess the competition, and the demand for POS in that area. This is what Market research is. You don’t wan to open your POS business in a place that one or two people will come for transaction daily.


Register your business

Registering your POS business for a start is kind of optional. But to make your business more legal and trustworthy, it okay to register your business with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) to obtain a business name and certificate of incorporation. This will give your business a legal status and enable you to operate without any legal hassles.


Secure a location

Choose a suitable location for your POS business. It should be in a high-traffic area, such as a busy market or shopping mall, road side ad mostly a junction(where people coming out from while going to work and while returning home) to increase the chances of attracting customers.


Purchase POS terminals

After you must have secure a good place, the next thing is to purchase POS terminals from accredited providers such as Moniepint, Opay, or your bank.

You will also need to purchase thermal paper rolls for printing receipts, a note book and a pen for recording your transaction details.


Hire staff

If you are not the one who will manage the business yourself, you will have hire staff to manage the POS terminals and attend to customers. You will need at least one staff member to operate each terminal.


Market your business

After the business is up and running, it time to create an awareness/advertise your to potential customers. Use social media flyers, banners and word of mouth to create awareness about your business.


Provide quality service

A good customer relationship is very important to retain your customers. Provide quality service to your customers to ensure that they keep coming back. Be prompt and courteous in attending to their needs and resolve any issues they may have with their transactions.


Starting this business in Nigeria requires a significant investment in terms of time and money, but with a well-executed plan, it can be a lucrative venture. It is a lucrative business idea, but it requires hard work, dedication, and compliance with the regulatory environment.


Benefits of POS business

Here are some benefits for running this business in Nigeria

  • It offers convenience to customers who do not have access to a bank or prefer not to carry cash around.
  • It is a profitable venture as it offers the opportunity to earn commissions on every transaction made through your POS machine.
  • The start-up cost for this business is relatively low compared to other businesses, making it easy to start and run.
  • Having a POS machine can attract more customers to your business, as they can easily pay for goods and services using their ATM cards.


Challenges with POS business in Nigeria

  • This business in Nigeria is highly competitive, which means you may have to work harder to attract and retain customers.
  • Technical issues such as network downtime or malfunctioning of the POS machine, Declined yet debited can affect the smooth operation of the business.
  • The risk of theft or fraud is higher in this business due to the large sums of money involved.
  • The regulatory environment in Nigeria can be complex and challenging to navigate, which can create legal and administrative hurdles for running a POS business.



Starting a POS business in Nigeria can be a great investment opportunity. With the increasing demand for electronic transactions and cashless payments, this business has become a lucrative venture in Nigeria. By providing a quick, convenient and secure way for customers to make payments, you can create a steady stream of income while also providing a valuable service to your community.

Don’t let fear or uncertainty hold you back, take the leap and start your own POS business today.


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