Voice Tag Before Mp3 File

Voice Tag After Mp3 File

Voice Tag Before & After Mp3 File

Please Note

Create Your Voice Tag on Ttsfree. Their files have 44,100 Sample Rates. You don't need to change the rate. If, however, only Voice Tag is playing, then it means they've changed the default sample rate. Continue reading. Click To Create Voice Tag

Voice Tag After Mp3 File option is recommended. If you want to add voice tag at the beginning, use the watermark feature in the dashboard.

● Your voice tag must have Sample Rate of 44.1 kHz or 44,100. If you didn't create your voice tag on Ttsfree, Click here to edit your voice tag Sample rate. Click "Advanced Settings" to select Sample Rate. This is required only for this tagger.

This tagger is built using basic php and getid3 library. Since Ffmpeg is not supported by all shared hosting due to its massive need for resources, I decided to put this together, even though Ffmpeg is the tool required for it.

For this to work well, ensure you use the recommended sample rate. Use voice tag after mp3 file for the best result. If you want tag to play first, use the other voice tagger version of this plugin. That version uses Ffmpeg hosted on another server through API.

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