How to make money through Facebook Page Flipping


How to make money through Facebook Page Flipping

How can I make money through Facebook Page Flipping? Continue reading as we guide you on how you can start a side-hustle with Facebook page flipping.

Facebook is accessed by billions of users from different devices with Internet connectivity, such as personal computers, tablets and smartphones worldwide. Members can post text, photos and multimedia which are shared with any other users who have agreed to be their “friend” or, with different privacy settings, publicly. As of July 2022, Facebook recorded 2.93 billion monthly active users, and ranked third worldwide among the most visited websites as of July 2022. Anyone can access Facebook from devices such as computers, tablets and smartphones with Internet connectivity.

With this in mind, we know Facebook platform can be used more than texting and showing off, you earn from Facebook with or without creating contents. Let see how.


What is Facebook page Flipping?

Facebook page flipping is the practice of purchasing a group, improving it to make it more valuable, and then selling it for a profit or use it for business or any other activities. Website flipping is similar to flea market flipping or house flipping, except instead of items or physical products, you’re flipping Facebook page

We all know Building a Facebook page from the bottom up can be both a lot of work and a lot of fun. If working with websites is something you enjoy, then this route could work well for you. The main challenge is the amount of time it takes to get a Facebook page up and running.

Though, there are cool tips to grow your Facebook page but it require time and patients. If you have the time and patients, you can decide to put the skills into use to grow as many Facebook page you can and in return sell them for a good some of money.

Of course, this is a very good way of earning nowadays, personally, i have a friend who is into Facebook page flipping and he is doing well.

When you find the right buyer, you can sell a quality group for around 34 times its monthly earnings. Of course, this sounds easier than it actually is. When it comes to the actual process, there’s plenty of work to be done. Some of this work can be outsourced, especially the content and site optimization.


How To create a Facebook page

To get started with Facebook page flipping, you need to create a new page, follow the steps below to create a page.


How To Create a Facebook Business Page

1. Log Into Your Personal Facebook Account and Create a Business Page

On the left sidebar, click on the Pages section.

Then click the Create New Page button.

Enter your business details on the left panel. While at it, the page preview will update in real-time.

You can use your business or brand name as your page name.

Next, enter a word that describes your business in the category box. Facebook will recommend some options based on the chosen categories.

Now, write a description for your business. It should be a couple of sentences long (maximum 255 characters) because it’s also the summary that appears in search results.

When you’re satisfied with the description, click the Create Page button.

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2. Add Your Facebook Profile Picture and Cover Photo

After creating a page, you’ll need to upload a profile picture and a cover photo.

Ensure the images align with your brand and represent your business. For example, the photos should include some combination of your company logo, pictures of your product and other branding components.

Your profile photo should be 170 x 170 pixels. Since Facebook will crop it to a circle, don’t put any critical details in the corners.

For your cover image, Facebook suggests using a photo that’s 1640 x 856 pixels.

After uploading the images, you can switch between desktop and mobile views by clicking the buttons on the top right corner of the preview. Use these to ensure that your pictures look good in both displays.

When you’re satisfied, click Save.

3. Connect Your Facebook Business Page to WhatsApp

After clicking Save, a pop-up box will appear asking you to connect your Facebook page to WhatsApp. That is optional, but it will help you add a WhatsApp button to your page.

Add your phone number, then click Send Code to connect your business page to WhatsApp. If you choose not to, close the window. You’ll see another pop-up asking if you’re sure.

We’ll click Leave for now since we’re skipping this step.

4. Create Your Username

Your username shows people where to find you on Facebook, so you want it to be easy to type and remember. The most straightforward option is to use your business name.

To create your username, click Create @username.

A pop-up will appear asking you to enter the username you want to use. Facebook will notify you if it’s available with a green checkmark.

Once done, click Create Username.

Another confirmation box will pop up. Click Done.

5. Add Your Business Information

Since Facebook is usually the first place where customers look for information about you, having essential information on your business page is a must-have.

Facebook makes this process very simple. Go to the Set Your Page Up for Success section and expand the Provide Info and Preferences option.

Fill in the appropriate information on the drop-down menu, from your website details to a call-to-action button.

For example, to add a CTA button, click the blue box labeled Add Button.

Then select the type of action button you want.

If you don’t want to do all these steps now, you can always go back and do them later. You’ll find this option on Edit Page Info in the Manage Page menu on the left.

6. Create Your First Post

Before inviting people to like your business page, you should at least have one post with valuable content. That way, visitors will want to stick around.

You can create a specific type of post, such as an event or an offer, by selecting one of the options in the Create box.

7. Invite Followers

After creating your first post, you need to get page visitors.

For starters, you can invite your current Facebook friends to like your page. Just scroll down to the Set Your Page up for Success box and expand the Introduce Your Page section.

Click the blue Invite Friends button to view a list of your personal Facebook friends

Choose which friends to invite, then click Send Invitations. You can also send the invitation on Messenger by ticking the box at the bottom.

How Grow Your Facebook Business Page

The first thing you should do to grow your facebook page is;

  • Share the new page with friends already connected to you on Facebook.
  • Invite people from your admin panel, either directly or via the email contacts option.
  • Include your Facebook URL in your advertising materials, business cards, flyers and guest blog posts.
  • Promoted posts appear higher in your audience’s News Feeds, thus increasing the likelihood of them seeing your posts.
  • use Facebook ads to further advertise the page to fans and non-fans alike

Facebook page flipping

Before you get started with Facebook page flipping, you have to decided if you are to;

  • Build a group from scratch: You have to create and build your page from the scratch to flip
  • Buy already built one: Reach out to page admin or join Facebook ESCROW group to connect with different admin selling their groups, pages and more.

ESCROW groups are groups where an admin acts as a middle person handling the buying and selling of assets, products or goods to avoid group members been scammed.

We highly recommend using an ECSROW services when buying or selling your page as the fraud is on the rise on the internet space.

How To Flip your Facebook page

Once your page is ready for flipping, there are couple of ways you can sell your group

  • Buyer might contact you First: once you group is growing and having reasonable engagement, interested buyers(majorly, white people are usually interested in buying pages or group with relevant niche and good engagement) They usually comes with good offer.
  • Creating a marketing post and pin it to the top of your pages so anyone who visits the page can see that it’s up for sale.
  • Now the quickest way to sell your group is by joining an active ESCROW groups on Facebook to buy or sell your page, group and more


Facebook page growing and flipping is another good way to earn from facebook, alot of people are earning huge from this on a daily. You may wanna give it a try.

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