How make money with Facebook Group Flipping

How make money with Facebook Group Flipping

How can I money with Facebook Group Flipping? In this article, we will be guiding you on how you can start earning from Facebook through Facebook group flipping. A method that involves building or buying an already created Facebook group, improve it and then resell it for a reason some of money. See our list of Top 10 Way to Make Money from Facebook 2023.

Facebook is an online social media/networking platform owned by American company Meta Platforms founded in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg. The Facebook can be accessed from different devices with Internet connectivity, such as personal computers, tablets and smartphones by billions of people worldwide. Members can post text, photos and multimedia which are shared with any other users who have agreed to be their “friend” or, with different privacy settings, publicly. As of July 2022, Facebook recorded 2.93 billion monthly active users, and ranked third worldwide among the most visited websites as of July 2022.  Anyone can access Facebook from devices such as computers, tablets and smartphones with Internet connectivity. Learn How to make money by Running Facebook Paid online events. This is another good way to monetize your audience on Facebook


What is Facebook group Flipping?

Facebook group flipping is the practice of purchasing a group, improving it to make it more valuable, and then selling it for a profit or use it for business or any other activities. Website flipping is similar to flea market flipping or house flipping, except instead of items or physical products, you’re flipping Group. See How to make money through Facebook Page Flipping

Building a group from scratch can be both a lot of work and a lot of fun. If working with Facebook group is something you enjoy, then this route could work well for you. The main challenge is the amount of time it takes to get a group up and running.

Though, there are cool tips to grow your group but it require time and patience. If you have the time and patience, you can decide to put the skills into use by growing as many groups you can and in return sell them for a good some of money.

Of course, this is a very good way of earning nowadays, personally, i have a friend who is into Facebook group flipping and he is doing well.

When you find the right buyer, you can sell a quality group for around 34 times its monthly earnings. Of course, this sounds easier than it actually is. When it comes to the actual process, there’s plenty of work to be done. Some of this work can be outsourced, especially the content and site optimization.

Facebook group Flipping

Before you get started with Facebook group flipping, you have to decided if you are to;

  • Build a group from scratch: You have to create and build your group from the scratch to flip
  • Buy already built one: Reach out to page admin or join Facebook ESCROW group to connect with different admin selling their groups, pages and more.

ESCROW groups are groups where an admin acts as a middle person handling the buying and selling of assets, products or goods to avoid group members been scammed.

We highly recommend using an ECSROW services when buying or selling your group as the fraud is on the rise on the internet space.

How To Flip Facebook group

Once you group is ready for flipping, there are couple of ways you can sell your group

  • Buyer might contact you First: once you group is growing and having reasonable engagement, interested buyers(majorly, white people are usually interested in buying pages or group with relevant niche and good engagement) They usually comes with good offer.
  • Creating a marketing post and pin it to the top of your pages so anyone who visits the group can see that it’s up for sale.
  • Now the quickest way to sell your group is by joining an active ESCROW groups on Facebook.
  • Then, post your Facebook group for sell when you feel it time to sell

How To create a Facebook group

To get started with group flipping, you need to create a new group/groups, follow the steps below to create a group

  • How to create a Facebook group
    • Tap in the top right of Facebook, then tap Groups.
    • Tap Create Group.
    • Enter your group name.
    • Select the privacy option. If you selected private, select whether to make your group visible or hidden.
    • Tap Create.
    • Add people to your group.

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This tip could help you make money from Facebook more than you thought. Fou those willing to give it a try, stay tuned as we will be sharing tips on how to group you group without creating contents. Please, share.

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