How to make money from Facebook through “Fan subscriptions”


Facebook Fan subscriptions is another amazing Facebook monetization feature that allow your audiences on Facebook to directly support content creators for their work.

As we all know, Facebook has lots of exciting ways to make money. It has created opportunities for many people globally, from business owners, entrepreneur, content creator and more. In this article, we will introduced you to how you can make money from Facebook through “Fan subscriptions ” and also guide you on how to set up Fan subscriptions. You can see our guide on How to make money with “Facebook Branded content”

Have you created a Facebook page and grow it with a good engagement and interactions? Now it’s time to get a reward by monetizing your page. Facebook Instant Article in one of the many ways you can earn from your content on Facebook. There are other ways you can earn from Facebook either as a business person, content creator or even non content creators. Before we dive into how you can earn from Facebook via Fan subscriptions , let us see Facebook in brief.

As of July 2022, Facebook recorded 2.93 billion monthly active users, and ranked third worldwide among the most visited websites as of July 2022.It was the most downloaded mobile app of the 2010s. Anyone can access Facebook from devices such as computers, tablets and smartphones with Internet connectivity. This makes Facebook one of the best social media platform to make money.


What is Fan subscriptions and how do I use it to make money on Facebook?

iOpportunes always look out for ways to earn to build up our business idea database for as many that are interested in ways to make a living.

Subscriptions allow your audience to up-level their support for you and your work. You receive consistent, predictable monthly earnings, and your subscribers become easily identifiable, helping you connect more deeply with your audience. Thank your audience by deciding to add additional benefits as part of your subscription, such as subscriber-only lives, special discounts or a subscriber-only group. Tailor the supporter experience in a way that’s authentic to your brand, style and community

The Facebook Fan subscriptions allow your audiences on Facebook to directly support their favorite creators and publishers. You can manage your fan subscriptions content, rewards and calls to action in Creator Studio. It allows dedicated fans to support your Page by paying a fixed price every month for special benefits. You’re able to customize the benefits your supporters receive, such as exclusive content, personal interactions and merchandise discounts. Check out our article on “How to make money on Facebook with Sponsored Posts


Why do i need fan subscriptions?

A lot of fans are willing and are to eager to support their favorite creators to ensure you stay consistent with content production and for other reasons, such as:

  • They believe in your mission and want to support to see you pull through it
  • They want more opportunity to connect with you for which ever reason they love your contents

Can i monetize my page via Facebook Fan subscriptions?

Fan subscriptions are available to Pages in certain regions at this time. You may check your Page eligibility here. Your Page and content must be in compliance with Monetization eligibility requirements for creators, Fan Funding Creator Terms and Apple’s App Store guidelines for subscriptions.


Your Page must also have:

  • 10,000 followers or 250+ return viewers and one of the following in the last 60 days:
    • 50,000 post engagements
    • 180,000 watch minutes

Learn more about Facebook page eligibility here.

How to setup Facebook fan subscriptions for your Page

Before you start offering exclusive content and bringing in revenue through the Facebook Fans subscription, your Page will need to meet the eligibility requirements for fan subscriptions.

If you’re new to monetisation on Facebook, you’ll need to submit your Page for review before you can officially activate your subscriptions offering.

Invitation notification.

To setup a fan page, You can check Creator Studio > Monetisation to see if you are eligible for fan subscriptions. You may also be sent a notification in the form; Facebook notification, Page notification or Email. I f you receive any of this, follow the steps from your notification to onboard!

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STEP 1: Access Fan Subscriptions

To view the Fan Subscriptions for setup; 

  • Open Creator Studio.
  • Select the Monetization tab.
  • Select Fan Subscriptions.

STEP 2: Select your Page and agree to the terms.

To agree to Fan Subscriptions terms, follow;

  • In your notification, select Get Started.

  • Select Go to Creator Studio.

  • Choose the Page that you want to use for subscriptions and select Start Setup.

  • Review and agree to the terms.

STEP 3: Set up a payout account.

Facebook fan subscriptions is now called Subscriptions. In order to receive money from your subscribers, you’ll need to activate a payout account for Subscriptions.

These are what you need to set up a Subscriptions payout account

  • The legal name, address, phone number and contact email address associated with the Page admin responsible for payouts.
  • A social security number (US only)
  • An employee identification number (corporation only)
  • Foreign Tax ID Number (non-US only)
  • A bank account or a PayPal account

How to set up your Facebook Subscriptions payout account

To set up a payout a subscription payout account, follow the steps below;

  • You will have to fill in the information regarding your country, business type, legal name, address, phone number, email and legal information such as your tax identification when prompted.
  • Also, You must upload your W-9 tax form. By law, Facebook needs to collect tax information before anyone starts receiving payments.
  • Now, to receive your Subscription earnings, you must link the bank account where you would like to receive your payments.
  • You have the option of linking a bank account or a PayPal account.
    • To link a bank account: Submit the bank’s country, routing number/sort code, account number and account holder’s name.
    • To link a PayPal account: submit account’s country, associated email address and account holder’s first and last name.

STEP 4: Choose your benefits.

What benefits to select

Select at least one of the following benefits:

  • Exclusive content: Publish posts, videos, photos, polls or personal updates exclusively to your supporters. Set up a fan subscriptions group to communicate directly with your supporters.
  • Exclusive live videos: Connect privately with your supporters in real time to answer questions and gain feedback.
  • Discounts: Provide special discount codes for merchandise, events or products via supporter-only messages or posts.

STEP 5: Wait for review

You are almost down. Once you’ve saved your benefit selections, we’ll review your Page to ensure that it’s in compliance with both Facebook and Apple monetization policies. You’ll be notified directly once your status has been decided.

STEP 6: Activate your subscription.

How to activate

If your subscription is approved:

  1. You’ll receive a notification with a prompt to activate subscriptions for your Page.

  2. Select Activate Subscriptions. Fans will be able to subscribe immediately.


That is all you need to know to start monetizing with Fans subscription. One last thing, While you’re waiting for approval, you can get started with creating your promotional and thank you videos, and prepare exclusive content ahead of time. This is a really important part of preparing your Page for fan subscriptions.

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