How to Make Money from Blender(Animations, video games, and 3D models)


One way to make money from Blender is by creating 3D models and selling them online on marketplaces such as TurboSquid, Sketchfab, and CGTrader. You can also offer your 3D modeling services on freelance platforms such as Upwork and Fiverr, or create tutorials and courses teaching others how to use Blender and sell them on platforms like Udemy or YouTube.


Blender is a free and open-source 3D creation software that can be used for creating animations, visual effects, video games, and 3D models. It can be downloaded for free from the official Blender website and is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. It’s offers a wide range of features and tools for 3D modeling, sculpting, rigging, animation, rendering, and compositing. It has an intuitive interface that allows users to easily navigate through the different tools and options available.


Blender has a large and active community that provides tutorials, resources, and support for users. This community is a great resource for learning how to use Blender and improving your skills.

It is a powerful and versatile software that can be used for a variety of creative projects. It is a great tool for artists, designers, and hobbyists who are interested in 3D modeling and animation.


How to Make Money from Blender

Blender is a 3D creation software that can be used to create animations, models, and visual effects. There are several ways to make money from Blender:



If you have experience with Blender, you can offer your services as a 3D designer on freelance platforms such as Upwork or Fiverr. You can create 3D models, animations, and visual effects for clients and charge a fee for your services. For example, you can create a 3D model of a product for a client’s website or create an animated video for a client’s social media campaign.


Selling 3D models

You can create 3D models in Blender and sell them on platforms such as TurboSquid, CGTrader, or Sketchfab. These models can be anything from furniture to cars, and you can set your own prices for each model. For example, you can create a 3D model of a car and sell it on one of these platforms for a fee.


Creating and selling add-ons

You can create add-ons for Blender and sell them on websites such as Blender Market. Add-ons are tools or scripts that extend the functionality of Blender and make it easier to create certain types of content. For example, you can create an add-on that automates certain tasks in Blender or adds new features to the software.


Teaching Blender

If you have expertise in using Blender, you can create tutorials and courses teaching others how to use the software effectively. You can sell your courses on online course platforms such as Udemy or Skillshare, or create your own website and sell your courses directly to students.


Creating and selling games

Blender can be used to create 3D games, and you can sell these games on platforms such as Steam or You can also create and sell assets such as textures, sound effects, and music for games.

These are just a few examples of how you can make money with Blender. With some creativity and effort, there are many opportunities to earn money with this powerful 3D software.


How To use Blender?

To use Blender, you first need to download and install the software on your computer. Once you have installed it, you can open the software and begin using it.

  • Open Blender and create a new project.
  • Choose the type of object you want to create, such as a cube, sphere, or cylinder.
  • Use the various tools and features in Blender to shape and manipulate the object to your desired specifications.
  • Use the material and texture settings to add color, texture, and lighting to your object.
  • Use the rendering feature to create a final image or animation of your object.

There are many tutorials and resources available online to help you learn how to use Blender effectively, including on the official Blender website and on YouTube. With practice and patience, you can become proficient in using Blender and create high-quality 3D designs and animations.



Blender has both a free and paid version. The free version is the open-source software that is available for anyone to download and use, while the paid version is Blender’s professional edition called Blender Studio. Blender Studio is designed for businesses and professional users who require additional features and support. However, the majority of users use the free version of Blender.


However, the free version of Blender can be used to make money. Blender is released under an open-source license, which means that it is free to use, share, and modify. There are no restrictions on using the software for commercial purposes, including making money from selling Blender-created content or using it for client work.


Blender’s free version offers a wide range of features and tools that are sufficient for most 3D modeling and animation projects. However, the paid version, Blender Studio, offers additional features, support, and resources that can be useful for professional studios and large-scale projects.

Whether using the free or paid version, the key to making money from Blender is developing high-quality skills and creating valuable content that meets the needs of clients or customers.



You can use Blender to create 3D models that can be printed using a 3D printer, and sell the printed objects on platforms like Etsy or Amazon. Additionally, you can offer your 3D printing services to clients and create customized objects for them.

Also, use Blender to create game assets, such as character models or environments, and sell them on game development marketplaces like Unity Asset Store or Unreal Marketplace. You can also create your own video game using Blender and sell it on platforms like Steam or

Finally, you can use Blender to create 3D animations and videos for clients, such as creating explainer videos or advertisements. You can find clients on freelance platforms or by reaching out to businesses directly. As you gain more experience and develop your skills in Blender, you can increase your rates and take on more complex projects.


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