Top 10 Affiliate Marketing Networks for Creators & Publishers

Top 10 Affiliate Marketing Platforms for Creators & Publishers

Are you a creator with a passion for sharing your content and expertise? If so, affiliate marketing could be an excellent way for you to make money doing what you love. Let’s explore how affiliate marketing works and how it can help you generate income effortlessly.


Affiliate marketing is a way for creators to earn money by promoting products or services from other companies. It works like a partnership between the creator and the company. When the creator recommends a product or service to their audience and someone buys it using a special link provided by the company, the creator gets a commission. This commission is a percentage of the sale’s price and serves as a reward for the creator’s efforts in bringing in customers.

Affiliate marketing has emerged as a popular way for creators and publishers  to earn income by promoting products and services online. It allows individuals to partner with brands and earn commissions for driving traffic and sales to their products. However, finding the right affiliate marketing network can be challenging, especially for those based in Africa. In this article, we will highlight the top affiliate marketing networks available to African creators and publishers, offering them lucrative opportunities to monetize their online presence.


What is an affiliate marketing network?

An affiliate marketing network is a platform that connects content creators, such as bloggers, YouTubers, social media influencers, and website owners, with brands and businesses that have products or services to sell. It acts as an intermediary, facilitating partnerships between creators and companies who want to promote their products to a larger audience.

In simple terms, the network helps creators find products or services that align with their content and audience. They then promote these products through unique affiliate links provided by the network. When someone from the creator’s audience clicks on the affiliate link and makes a purchase, the creator earns a commission, which is a percentage of the sale value.

Affiliate marketing networks handle tracking, reporting, and payments, making it easier for creators to focus on creating content and promoting products they genuinely believe in. It’s a win-win situation as creators earn income from the sales they drive, while businesses get exposure to a wider audience without spending on traditional advertising.

An affiliate marketing network  acts as a bridge that connects content creators with companies, allowing them to promote products and earn money based on the sales they generate.

Top 10 Affiliate Marketing Networks for Creators & Publishers


1.  Amazon Associates
Amazon Associates is one of the most widely used affiliate programs globally, including in Africa. Creators and publishers can promote a vast range of products available on Amazon’s platform and earn commissions for each sale generated through their affiliate links. While Amazon’s commission rates vary based on the product category, it provides a great starting point creators to tap into a global audience.


2. Jumia Affiliate Program
Jumia, a leading e-commerce platform, offers an affiliate program specifically designed for African creators and publishers. By joining the Jumia Affiliate Program, individuals can promote products catered to the African market and earn commissions for each sale made through their referral links.


3. Konga Affiliate Program
Konga, another prominent e-commerce platform, offers an affiliate program that enables creators to earn commissions on products sold through their unique referral links. The platform provides a wide array of products, making it easier for African creators to find items that resonate with their audience.


4. Commission Junction (CJ)
Commission Junction, now known as CJ Affiliate, is a reputable affiliate marketing network with a global presence, including in Africa. Creators can browse through a vast selection of brands and products to promote and earn commissions for driving sales.


5. Admitad
Admitad is a rapidly growing affiliate marketing network that offers attractive commission rates and a user-friendly platform. African creators can find a range of products and services to promote, catering to diverse audience interests.

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6. Webgains
Webgains is another popular affiliate network that caters to creators and publishers in Africa. With a wide variety of brands and products available, African creators can easily find suitable offers to promote to their audience.


7. Shopify Affiliate Program
Shopify, a leading e-commerce platform, offers an affiliate program that allows creators to promote the platform itself and earn commissions for each new merchant they refer. This program is ideal for creators who focus on entrepreneurship and online business.


8. Awin
Awin is a global affiliate marketing network that also caters to African creators. It offers a comprehensive range of brands and products across various niches, providing ample opportunities for earning commissions.


9. ClickBank
ClickBank is a digital marketplace that specializes in digital products such as e-books, software, and online courses. African creators can find a plethora of digital products to promote and earn substantial commissions on each sale made through their affiliate links. Read how to make money from clickbank


10. ShareASale
ShareASale is a popular affiliate marketing network that offers a diverse range of products and services for creators to promote. With an easy-to-use interface and quick approval process, African creators can find relevant products to match their niche and start earning commissions swiftly.

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Affiliate marketing has become a lucrative venture for African creators and publishers, providing them with opportunities to monetize their online presence. The top 10 affiliate marketing networks mentioned in this article offer a diverse selection of products and services, allowing African creators to find suitable offers for their audience. By leveraging these platforms, creators can embark on a rewarding journey to generate income and build sustainable online businesses. As always, success in affiliate marketing requires dedication, authenticity, and a deep understanding of one’s audience’s needs and preferences. With the right approach, African creators can harness the power of affiliate marketing to unlock new financial possibilities in the digital landscape.

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